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Shaping the Future of
Renewable Carbon.



The IBTC promotes sustainably produced torrefied or carbonized biomass on a global scale to efficiently replace fossil coal in all industries and applications or to permanently sequester atmospheric carbon into the soil. By this IBTC and its members contribute to the speeding up of the global transition towards a carbon-neutral economy and the limitation of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Our Mission

→ Help the understanding of biocarbon as the renewable, sustainable and clean substitute to fossil carbon and promote the use of torrefied biomass on all levels.

→ Assist the development of common views and positions on non- competitive matters among members and communicating this positions to key stakeholders, decision makers, financial facilitators and the general public. 

→ Build communication lines to other market actors and market regulators including organisation of events for interested stakeholders.

  • IBTC President Michael Wild @28th Coaltrans Asia 2023

    Coaltrans Asia addresses the key issues shaping the coal value chain. Having industry leading experts, ministerial-level insights and high-level perspectives for coal producers, energy companies and key industries. If you want to join for the 28t...
  • New Energy Risk Supports Yilkins' Low-Carbon Fuel Production Projects

    New Energy Risk, (“NER”) a wholly owned division of Paragon, and provider of customized insurance technology solutions for energy transition projects, has provided Yilkins with a performance warranty backstop insurance program to support the compa...
  • Crespel & Deiters present innovative online tool

    Crespotec® Compaction Optimiser calculates optimal compositions for the cost-efficient recycling of a wide range of raw materials. C&D Technical Applications, a specialist in wheat-based technical additives, has developed a digital too...
  • Interview with Michael Wild - Argus Biomass Asia Conference

    “Guaranteeing sustainability is the backbone of our industry.” What current and emerging trends could create an upside in 2023? I do see a major new trend in the increasing acceptance and implementation of biomass as an energy source in energy-i...
  • IBTC Workshop @CEBC Graz

    Thermal upgrading of Biomass is seeing a second hype and this time it is driven from product demand in various markets. The sector, especially the technology providers have raised the temperature to high. An array of additional products, by produc...
  • IBTC goes independent

    Currently the IBTC has members from over 15 countries spread around the globe. Experts from all over the world collaborate to reach IBTC’s goal of making the greatest possible contribution to the global transition towards a carbon-neutral economy....


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