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IBTC members are international companies developing biomass torrefaction or carbonisation technology, pellet/briquette machine manufacturers, consumers of the products from various sectors and national or sectoral associations, as well as other parties with an interest in the production or use of torrefied or carbonised biomass – for instance, in R&D.
Why you should join the IBTC?
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The IBTC offers three different categories of membership:


→ Full Membership is offered to companies active in the production or consumption of torrefied or carbonised biomass, as well as operators of such installations, systems or machinery suppliers to the torrefaction industry and companies trading torrefied or carbonised biomass.

Company sizeRevenueFee
≤ 2 million euros

1,500 euros

≤ 10 million euros

3,500 euros

≤ 50 million euros

5,500 euros

> 50 million euros

7,500 euros

→ The Developing Membership is open to all parties with the clear objective of becoming full members with their projects in development. They are already on their way to becoming a full producer but don’t have a commercial production, i.e. production not yet intended for the market.

Developing Membership

1,000 euros

→ The Associate Membership is open to any other companies, organisations or individuals with interest along the value chain of torrefied or carbonised biomass and supporting the objectives of IBTC, e.g. ports, terminals, logistic providers, shipping companies, stevedores, consultants, associations, research institutions, certification companies or insurance companies.

All others

1,000 euros

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