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Circular Biocarbon – From Specialities to Commodities

Circular Biocarbon – From Specialities to Commodities

Lisa Schmidt (General Secretary of the IBTC) will be speaking on Wednesday, 22nd about "Circular Carbon" and its way from speciality to commoditiy - one of the main objectives in the IBTC right now!

-Circularity needs cooperation: Why we need the off takers on board
-Renewable carbon: Is it part of the solution for the defossilization for energy-intensive industries?
-The potential markets for biocarbon from now to 2030

🗓 Let's meet in Nice Argus Media Carbon Conference!
For more information, you can visit the website:

Market-based solutions to decarbonisation in the EU and globally

Join companies confirmed to attend from AmSpec, ABN AMRO Bank, ACT Commodities, Bakelite GmbH, Bunker Holding, Carbonplace, CEZ, a.s., CFP Energy, Control Union Certifications Germany, Chevron, DZ Bank AG, EEX, Evident, ExxonMobil, Galp Energia SA, Galaxy Energy Group, Goodman, Holcim, Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, IncubEx, Neochim PLC, Shell, Standard Chartered, VCMI, Verity, Yara International, and many others...

Plan your carbon strategy for 2024 and beyond through market-driven decarbonisation solutions at the Argus Europe Carbon Conference on 21-23 May in Nice, France, as we examine the EU ETS and other global compliance structures, voluntary carbon markets and their intersection with carbon abatement industries. 

This year's agenda covers important areas such as the integration of the maritime sector into the EU ETS, the impact of Europe's exported carbon price through CBAM and its significance on businesses trading with the EU, voluntary certification methods by ICVCM and VCMI, and developments around diverse, high-quality credits from Verra and many other leading standards. 

Furthermore, this is your opportunity to delve into the intricate network of carbon technology projects and understand how the supply chain interacts globally with the support of de-risking investing strategies.

Shaping the Future of
Renewable Carbon. Together.