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Interview with Michael Wild - Argus Biomass Asia Conference

Interview with Michael Wild - Argus Biomass Asia Conference

“Guaranteeing sustainability is the backbone of our industry.”

What current and emerging trends could create an upside in 2023?

I do see a major new trend in the increasing acceptance and implementation of biomass as an energy source in energy-intensive industries not only as coal but in Europe also NG substitute.

But also new regulation and incentives in the US will bring back bioenergy and primary exporters like New Zealand and Indonesia (as examples) will increase the domestic consumption seriously.

How will the drive for sustainability impacting the biomass industry?

Focus and guaranteeing of sustainability is a key backbone of our industry. So this in itself does not have a direct impact. But what has a serious impact is the intentional misinterpretation of scientific results, sustainability certification and the purposefully scattered false information on forestry biomass.

What on are your expectations for torrefied biomass becoming a more mature industry in the next 2 years?

Torrefaction and carbonization industry with its mature technologies is on a very good track to multiply its production capacity in 2023 and continue exponential growth the years to follow. Aside of coal power plants the metallurgical industries are becoming a second group of main customers. Further drivers are permanent carbon sequestration, which best is done with highly carbonized biomass, industrial heat application and syngas utilization.

What do you hope to gain from the conference and what are you looking forward to hearing about at the Argus Biomass London 2023 conference?

Discussion on strategies how to effectively counter the false information and aggressive opposition against forestry biomass utilisation

 …and as usual an update on market dynamic+social contacts

 (Michael Wild, President of the IBTC)

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