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IBTC goes independent

IBTC goes independent

Currently the IBTC has members from over 15 countries spread around the globe. Experts from all over the world collaborate to reach IBTC’s goal of making the greatest possible contribution to the global transition towards a carbon-neutral economy.

“We work in all realms that can lead to increased use of carbonized biomass and all sectors that do not fall under the competition between our members. Market promotion, standardization of products, frame-permits in logistics, bridging science and industry, administrative framework and integration into national and supranational legislation are just some of our ever-expanding activities.” (Michael Wild, President)

In addition, the IBTC is establishing a hub for information and services relating to torrefaction and carbonization. Current topics are for example the development from pure fuel product to input for industrial processing like in the metallurgical industry or higher value products from carbonized biomass.

The current steep increase in interest on thermal upgrading of Biomass is driven from product demand in all those various markets almost simultaneously. Several additional biocarbon products, by-products and additional processes have been developed by the industry and have contributed massively to the diversification of the torrefaction and carbonization sector. The dependence on the electricity generators as the only significant customer has caused the industry certain trouble over the past ten years. With the proof of industrial scale viability and the diversification of applications the problem shifted rather to be ramping up processing capacity fast enough not to frustrate the demand side. Here, too, the members of the IBTC rely on exchange and collaboration in the areas not in competition.

Michael Wild: “Torrefied biomass is one of the most advanced solid biofuels and the only viable source of renewable solid carbon, with the potential to become a standardized commodity and a tangible alternative to fossil fuels and fossil carbon on all levels of application at a global scale.”

Therefore, the area of certifications, classifications and standards for torrefied and carbonized biomass will be an important part of the work of the IBTC in the near future.

Recent years see a very positive development for torrefaction globally. The number of new players is rising every year and the interest focus seems to shift from Europe to Asia. As well as there is a broadening if not to say shift of application for the products, energy just to remain one of them. Hence it is quite natural for the IBTC to loosen its ties to Bioenergy Europe, for the last 10 years the umbrella organization for IBTC and become an independent association with a truly global perspective and addressing many different application sectors.

IBTC became a fully independent organization by the beginning of 2023 and moved from Brussels to Vienna.

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